Mikki Ferrugiaro, Designer

I've been beading about five years now, seriously bead weaving for a living for just over four. My background is in Graphic Design and I had my own business as a knitwear designer back in England, and these are two things that lead me to writing tutorials. 
I have taught beading, though not on the circuit or at any large shows and I came to terms with the fact that I prefer designing to teaching in January this year. I may teach a class here and there but have no immediate plans to do so...but I do hope to start making little videos to show the trickier aspects of my designs.

I do a fair bit of mentoring these days and the Mavens are part of that, not because I think I'm brilliant and know it all, but because I like to help where I can and believe we can all learn from each other.  I have a had a good deal of success in the beading world so far and support myself completely from the sales of my tutorials...figuring this out took time and I like to think I can maybe help someone else shave some of that time off their own growth.

My store is Mikki Ferrugiaro Designs at Artfire, and though I do have an Etsy store I don't list much there.

And my second video class is now available :)

You can bead along with me to make my Pagoda ornament and it's two coordinating ornaments.  I have also started putting my video classes on DVD.

I have decided that 2014 will be my 'Year of the Ornament' as I am planning to have a booth at BABE (Bay Area Bead Extravaganza) in November selling kits and tutorials and wanted to keep it on a theme.

I will be doing some other tutorials this year too and for those I have decided it will be the 'Year of Motion' with everything else I design having moving parts. The first of these will be my 'StickleBack Pendant' with a variation I like to call 'Hypnoteyes'.  I am definitely excited about this as I've been storing ideas/sketches for motion pieces for a couple of years now.

You can see the movement of the prototype here

I have made my first video class!!!

It has long been my goal to add video tips to my tutorials but as I got started doing the videos I thought why not take it all the way and work up the complete project....so that is what I've done.
I show you each step so you can bead with me....watch how the row is done...hit pause and come back for the next row. 
It's like having me right there with you but better because you can pause me or shut me up completely :)

Anyway...this is what my tutorials will be like from here on out.
You will still be able to buy the PDF tutorial on it's own but for not much more you can get a link to the video class (for StickleBacks it is just $5).
And I haven't stopped there....my video classes will soon have a DVD option so you don't have to worry about download limits or buffering.

As some of you may know I have struggled with the issue of teaching, mostly because I would rather spend my time designing but also due to dietary issues.  I have considered creating authorized teachers of my designs but I guess I'm of the control freak breed because I could not figure out how to do that and feel confident the students in these classes would be getting all the info I would want shared.....and it's not easy getting everything into a print format.  So, for me, and I hope for you, a video class is perfect. 
I don't have to travel to teach live and deal with dog sitters and gluten issues. You get the actual designer showing you how and you don't have to pay a fortune for the live version of me :)

I have made my first video tutorial!!!

It is on YouTube and is called Rolled Peyote Edging


I made it to help people learn how to do the rolled edging that is featured on my designs, The Carousel Series, The Boleyn Bangles and the original Rolled Peyote Bangle.  I guide you through tension issues and show you how to create the roll :)


The Chrysanthemid tutorials are now available in my store individually 
or as a set.

Chrysanthemid One has the Bracelet and Earrings

Chrysanthemid Two has the Pendant, Rope and Ring

 Click on the pictures to buy.

I'll be updating this space from time to time so do check back and if you'd like to know more about me check out my personal blog The Beaded Carpet.


  1. Mikki, thank you for starting up the Mavens again. Can't wait to see what the year brings!

  2. Thanks Patricia :) It's pretty exciting to have all these cool, new designers here.

  3. I'm just curious about the tutorial writing process. Do you bead something and write the tutorial as you go along? Do you use a voice recorder or voice recognition software in the writing process?

  4. Good question Donna.
    Typically I start with an idea, sketch it and then create it. If I'm being good (efficient) I take notes. I then illustrate the process row by row....sometimes I add the words as I go, sometimes I do it later. Or a mish mosh of all the steps....the creative, messy mind :) Then working from my tutorial I do a test piece....making any corrections/additions/deletions needed to the tutorial. Then I do final edits.

    Some tutorials are easier because they are made of a single component and that means I may not do a test piece because I can test the component. These tuts usually get a lower price tag because it saves me a LOT of time.

    Don't think I'd ever use a voice recorder....listening to me talking to myself might be a bit scary...lol!

  5. You are a generous soul!
    When I want to keep track of how I made something, I use my camera, I make tons of picture. I sometimes write a short note on paper. Because if I try to make it again, I tend to modify it.
    Congratulations on your beautiful designs, really great.

  6. I just love the way the beads speak to you Mikki. With a few of your tutorials I know what the end product SHOULD look like, but it takes a couple of steps before my brain thinks it looks right. Just knowing what the beads will do and where you can take them is amazing. :)

  7. I had not seen Chrysanthemid before. It is just gorgeous Mikki! Great color and textures, perfectly focused. Your design work is so mature and elegant. and yet your color so exuberant. Brilliant.

  8. Thanks everyone :) And thanks Marsha, I'm definitely proud of Chyrsanthemid, it's very much my personal style and has the sharp lines l love.