Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Necessary Roughness

As you may have gathered by now all things are not well in 'Mikki-land' and it is necessary for me to close down the Mavens. I have to focus on my own business so I don't end up living under a bridge beading out of a shopping cart.

The blog will still be here for you to access the info we've shared.

I hope you will all continue to support the bead artists and designers we've is the support of the designers that keeps the art alive!

Beki Haley has a new Facebook group that I think Maven readers will be interested in...."All About Beadwaving" where you can ask lots of questions and get great information and advice.

Me? I've had to make lots of changes and still making them...Mikki 2.0
I'm back doing my own blog and there's more about my struggle/path over there.

Bead On!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Vacation Mode

Yes, the Mavens are going into vacation mode for August.

August is very much a busy time for designers who teach, as class submissions need designing (myself included this year...eek) and quite honestly we need a break :)

Of course the blog will still be here and you can still access the many tutorials we have just in case you missed one. 
When we come back we will be refreshed and chatty no doubt with info on our class schedules and new designs.

As you may know our designers sign up for a year and that year has come to an end for Patrick.....we thank him for his contributions, wish him well and hope life and beads bring him everything he deserves.

So...we'll be back....have a great August....don't forget the sun screen and we'll see you in September :)