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I have been beading for about four years. I love to design and sell my bead work and beading tutorials in my Etsy store, Lady Abeada Designs. For a short time period, about ten years ago, I owned my own online business and worked as a graphic designer making and selling whimsical web templates. I believe this time period was meant to prepare me for my newest journey; designing and illustrating my own bead work tutorials.
I have always been a creative individual dabbling in many different mediums; cross stitch, wood burning, crochet, and folded fabric ornaments to name a few,  but I never truly found my bliss until I discovered bead weaving and polymer clay. These are where my true passions lie.
I enjoy beading for the pure and simple joy of it, and try to work clay in there whenever possible. :)  I love designing new pieces to be created into tutorials for others to bead, and I have taught classes briefly over the last couple of years at a local bead store in my area. In doing so, I found that I really prefer designing a project and creating a tutorial for it as to "in-person" teaching. Maybe over time I will want to get back on that horse, but for now, I have no plans of that nature.
My latest tutorial release is called "Francesca". It is made with Super Duos and uses RAW as it's main stitch.
Another of my latest tutorial releases is "Tila Magic" and both can be found in my Etsy store.

Some of my other recent works include my "Reversible Crystal Encrusted Heart" Pendant and my "Bead Embroidered Polymer Clay Focal" Pendant.


I have several new tutorials in the works and recently published another called
"Falling for RAW"! Its a fairly basic tutorial but a good one to learn RAW and Embellishing on!

I will be using this page to alert you to new tutorials and exciting happenings. You can also catch up with me on  my personal blog:

or at my FB fan page:

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