Heather Kingsley-Heath Designer

I love beads, they take me on so many adventures. First came the excitement of learning each technique and buying beads: of discovering books to explore and artists to meet and learn from. 
Next came the enticing adventures of how to use the techniques and find my own creative voice. I began to teach and to publish my designs in magazines and books. 

I fell in love with the rich heritage of beading too, I studied museum pieces and followed thread paths worked centuries ago, finding ways to tell new stories with the discoveries. Albion Stitch is a process of beading I have developed, and so far I have written two books sharing the stitch, with a third well under way and due for publication in 2016. 

Every piece begins as something I really want to make for myself, because I have new beads or a new idea. History and nature are where I find most inspiration. 
I share the design by teaching it in workshops... then the most popular designs go on to become the kits and patterns I sell.

Now what began as a hobby, is my way of life. A whole world of travel, opportunities friendships and connections.

My books, kits and patterns are available from my online store...

News about my latest workshop schedule and beading thoughts can be found on my blog...

Class for Bead & Button 2014

Class for Beaders Best Hamburg 2014

October Butterfly Kit and pattern
available at Heatherworks

Class for Beads by Blanche May 2014

My work is currently featured in... 
Marcia DeCoster Presents...
So lovely to be included beside many awesome designers
in Marcia's latest book.


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  2. It's so great to see your work here. This is a great site!!!

  3. Congrats on becoming a Bead Maven Heather :D

  4. Your work is amazing.. I will enjoy seeing all your beautiful creations.

  5. Welcome aboard Heather and looking forward to working with you at the Mavens.

  6. Congratulations, really beautiful work.