Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ask The Mavens

The Jewelry Box
The question came up this week as to how to pack and present your jewelry, something I've struggled with too. Lots of trips to multitudes of stores hunting for just the right box for a large beaded necklace or a wide cuff.

Here are some of our suggestions.
  • Check out your local Tuesday Morning....around this time of year they carry some hard cardboard Christmas boxes around 8x11x1". If you don't want the Christmas look cover the box in a wrapping paper you do like.
  • Ross and TJ Maxx carry some book boxes...they look like a book but are a box...usually flock lined and if you can find the smaller sizes they are great for special pieces.
  • Consider candy boxes....dressed up with a pretty bow these can be fab!
  • My fave are these candy boxes from that close with a flip magnet and come in white and gold.
  • For small pieces the little gauze favor bags are great and nice to keep your jewelry in.
  • Check out Etsy and Artfire for handmade boxes, I get some darling little pillow boxes for my polymer beads from an Etsy seller and tie them up with some wrinkled ribbon from another Etsy seller...this is the karma handmade/sell handmade :)
  • Another box I love from PaperMart is the Polka Dot Box collection which have a size great for those bead embroidered cuffs.
  • Linda came up with the idea to use personal pizza boxes which could be dressed up to make a very original presentation box.
  • If you know someone with one of those scrapbooking die cut machines see if they can make you some boxes...there are a few styles available.
Hopefully this has given you some ideas and a couple of sources. Do remember the size and weight of the box if you're going to have to ship it as this can bite you in the profit! Try and get a gift box that fits into a flat rate box if you ship Priority Mail to avoid sticker shock.

Also box according to price, you don't want to put a $20 piece of jewelry in a $20 box or a $300 piece in a 50c box.  You should be building the price of your jewelry to include it's presentation box....I like to allow up to 5% for my presentation....which means for a $20 piece I won't be spending any more than a $1 on the box and wrappings.  And it gives me money to work with for the more expensive pieces.

It's great to recieve something you bought when it comes packed with love and care, it's something that's remembered and will get you repeat customers.
Well...I hope that helps a little because it is that time of year when the beading gets boxed up and on it's way to it's new home.


  1. Mikki - I hadn't thought about candy boxes!I buy lovely handmade (blank)cards from an
    Etsy seller...and hadn't thought of looking for boxes, too. Actually - I've been wondering whether it might be worth it buy a few basic scrapbooking supplies so that I can make my own boxes. You're so right that packaging with care is important. We spend hours making a piece - and what does it say if we don't take care in the details? Great post!

  2. Thank you Linda! Great post full of interesting ideas!

  3. I love those black and white boxes with the red lids!