Monday, October 11, 2010

"Ice Queen" Challenge

Yes....we're issuing a challenge!

The Bead Mavens would like to invite you to create your icy dream.  What would an Ice Queen wear? Crystals? Pearls? Gemstones? Or our favorite, Seed Beads?
We're not going to restrict you, you get to use whatever you like to create the most beautiful, original piece of icy wearable art that you can.

We will include our favorite six in a collection shown on Facebook and our favorite six from Artfire studios with us in our Ice Queen collection.

Even better there will be a prize for the best Ice Queen submitted.
We're still working on just what this will be....but think beads or gift certificates :)  Oh...and you get bragging rights...winner of the first Bead Maven Challenge!!!

Due date is noon, Sunday November 28th.
Send your images and a paragraph about your design to us at
You can also post pictures and chat about the challenge in the
Bead Mavens Forum
The winner and our favorites will be announced December 1st.
So....get beading!


  1. What a fantastic challenge!

    When is the due date - 1 December as well?


  2. What an awesome idea for the maiden challenge for Bead Mavens. Pun intended! I wish I had time to participate now, so busy with real life that my custom orders are on the back burner. Eh gads!

  3. yes, need due date! Dont know if I can fit this one in or not...

  4. Ok....added the due date...again! It must have gotten lost when I was moving the pics around...grrr!

  5. Awesome! I love challenges. I also love seeing what everyone else comes up with, this will be fun.

  6. Yep...challenges are always fun. You always see something that makes you go "duh, why didn't I think of that?"

  7. This sounds like fun! A friend just paid me in beads for a knotting/restringing job I did for her, and she gave me three tubes of silver-lined clear bugle beads! What a great jumping off point!

  8. nice challenge, I'm not from Beadmavens forum and not on ARtfire, Can i participate too ?