Friday, January 7, 2011

Maven News

First off I thought I'd give you the low-down on how we have planned the blog for 2011.
As we are each incredibly busy and because some people have told us they couldn't keep with all our blog posts we have decided to publish three posts a week.  We will each take a week and this post rounds out my first week.

We have also come up with a schedule of topics and one you will definitely want to put the first Friday of the month on your reading schedule as we will be posting a free tutorial. have to be quick because these tutorials will only be up for three days and then they will disappear.
Wednesdays will be "Collection" days when we show you some of our designs along with some designs we love by orther people.  'Maven Finds' will highlight great things we've found...maybe a great source, an amazing tool, the latest must-have and anything else that catches our eye.  We will, of course be keeping you updated on our current challenge and answering your questions.

Watch for us talking about who and what inspires us along with articles on color inspirations. We want to inspire you to create beadwork you're proud of.

A wonderful thing happened this week for the Mavens as Nancy Dale and myself were named as "Up and Coming Bead Designers" by non other than my hero, Marcia DeCoster, on the Lark Crafts Q and A site. What an amazing honor...both Nancy and I are still grinning!

I finally decided on a theme for a beading book and managed to write the outline and decide on a title. Now I just have to bead it and write it :)
Speaking of beading books....the Mavens are planning a couple of collaborative books...of course these things take time but if you don't plan they'll never happen.

Our New Year

On the personal side we're all thrilled that things are working out for Chris after her move to Colorado. Congratulations to Nancy for her recent sales. Linda is busy reorganizing her home...and doing a fabulous job. Cindy is creating some gorgeous adaptations of some of our tutorials.
Me? I'm getting back into the teaching thing, first class of the year was yesterday and I have another class tomorrow. I, too, have been organizing...but not my home, my work schedule so I can find the time to write the book.

We hope 2011 is off to a good start for all our readers and that you'll stick with us through what we feel is going to be an exciting year.


  1. The new format for 2011 sounds really interesting and I'm looking forward to all sections of it. Best wishes to you all for 2011.

  2. Great to hear about all the exciting plans for the upcoming year. Looking forward to it!

  3. Can you put the tutorials on a downloadable pdf? Or is that not an option?