Sunday, July 10, 2011

Maven News

Changes, you may notice one of our Mavens has fled the nest, Good Quill Hunting has retired from the group to pursue all the new and exciting things that have happened to her since her move to Colorado. We all wish her every success, which we know will come her way, with her fabulous beadwork. We are sad to see her go but we totally understand the 'not enough hours in the day, too many directions' dilemma.

Love you, GQH, <<group hug>>

So...then there were six....and what have the six been up to?

Watermelon Monimia pattern writing like crazy and gave up teaching her weekly beading class to concentrate on designing. She has a flatwork design for Perlen Posie in the works and is also working on finishing up all her 'volume' tutorials which are the things she originally planned for a book and they will be released this month. She also finally found time to enter the Etsy Beadweaver's Challenge for August, the theme ~ "Summer Juicy Fruit" with a Watermelon bracelet.

Nancy.... actually has a lot in the works, but most of them can't be revealed yet. At the moment, she's finishing a necklace, editing the Maven website and working on getting a few more tutorials going for her shop.

Cindy's Caribbean Sea thrilled to have her Caribbean Sea bracelet (re-named Filigree Fling) published in Creative Beading Volume 6. It's a beautiful book, with lots and lots of fun patterns in it. She has just finished up a wonderful meld, which was quite a lot of fun to do, and is already thinking about melding again. She has, regrettably, been very slow lately about writing new tutorials. She hopes to do better in the coming weeks, and get more projects out of her mind and into your hands!

Heather....What on earth have I been up to? I have just finished writing my Guinevere Necklace pattern, to compliment the G. Cuff that I listed earlier this month. It takes me what seems for ever to get my patterns finalized before I push that "list" button. That final commitment to sell a pattern can be somewhat daunting - you are exposing your self to the big wide world and when things are received positively, I know why I am doing this.... I love my "Job"!!!!!!
I now need to work on my growing list of new designs including a cuff fo
r Perlen to come up with something that will be easy to write as well as interesting to make and I would like to do a Meld as well.....Meld you ask? Well, stick around as we are all busy with something special and creative for you all to get your teeth into......we will keep you posted.

Callie's "Georgia" Necklace equally thrilled that her "Floral Inspirations" bracelet is also included in Creative Beading Volume 6! She's also working on two new tutorials (one of which, the "Georgia" necklace, will also be offered as a kit) and finishing up a couple of necklaces, as well, in addition to a Meld of her own!

Linda is pining for time to get back to some serious beadwork and has planned some embroidery projects. Meanwhile, she's working on her painted, beaded lace earrings and is about to list some whoppers and new styles on Artfire. Supplies are in the works - Painted lace pieces you can bead or incorporate in your own work. She's finishing up an order for The Moorings Gallery for their August Jewelry show & thrilled to be working towards a craft show in December, "Have Yourself a Gothic Little Christmas."

Something we're all working is....well, I can't tell you yet :)
But I can tell you it's something you will be able to do and there will be prizes! We're all busy working on our own examples and I can tell's lots of fun!! Keep watching this space :)

And I know everyone is pleased to know that we will be continuing the free check every other Friday for those.

And we hope everyone is having a great summer!!


  1. I also offer Good Quill a hug too I know she will do well. I am so excited to see what is coming with all of you!

  2. I wish good quill much success in whatever she ventures into. Colorado is a beautiful state. Lived their myself for four years. Good luck Quill.

  3. Are you interested in gaining anyone new? I know that my work isn't nearly up to the styles that you'all bead, but I would LOVE to become part of this group. Is there an approval process? Is it even possible? Please let me know! ~KM

  4. All bead stuff is really remarkable.. Very nice to see this. Thanks for sharing here in this blog..
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  5. Krafty Max, we don't have any plans right now to add to the group, but we may in the future. Basically, we look for people we enjoy, who are doing exciting things with beadwork, and who are interested in sharing their expertise. The best way to be considered is to get to know us, and to let us get to know you!