Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Introducing.....Neva Brown

The second of the Aussie contingent and another fellow Battler, Neva does some very cool pieces using bead embroidery and bead weaving. Neva was one of a small group of beaders who took me up on wanting a FB group for an honest critique and formed "BEad Honest" which she pretty much runs.  I'm thrilled to have her aboard the Mavens so, let's get to know....

Neva Brown

 What did you do before beading?

All my professional life I have been an Interior Designer and Graphic Designer, having had my own business since 1979. My work has taken me to most corners of the world to design, and all my work has come to me by word of mouth referrals. I have been very fortunate in this way. Whilst travelling to China, I came across and studied Feng Shui, and subsequently incorporated its principles in my interiors. In 2002 I set up a design School, teaching not only Design in various forms, Colour, and also Small Business Management as well as being business mentor to this day.

What brought beading into your life?

I had been playing with beads from an early age, making ‘Surfie’ necklaces for
myself and my friends whilst at school. As I matured, I would design my own
jewellery and had a jeweller friend, make the pieces for me. Beads came back into my life around 2003 when my health took a downward turn, and after life saving surgery, I wanted something to do during my rehabilitation.

What is your comfort zone?

Comfort there really such a thing? I like using seedies of all sizes,I prefer 11’s and 15’s and also 18’s but really enjoy incorporating other things in my work. I guess I’m really comfortable creating collars with bead embroidery, once an image/design is firmly in my mind, it’s “All Systems Go!” I am also comfortable bead weaving, and really enjoy the challenge of a new design and technique.

What aspect of beading do you find most challenging?

Reading tutorials, or should I say deciphering tutorials. I simply can’t do it. Give me an engineer’s drawing any day. So I no longer try. I am now writing tutorials though, strange as that may seem.

What would you most like to bead if you had the time and supplies?

I would like to a complete jewellery line for a fashion runway show, collaborating with a couple of high end fashion designers. Or design the jewellery for a theatre production.

Who, if anyone, has influenced your style of beading?

Initially Sherry Serafini and Heidi Kummli, their collars were intriguing, so full of life and movement. Also Laura McCabe was an influence with her precise style and attention to detail and of course those ‘eyes’. 

If you could only use one bead weaving stitch which one would you choose and why?

Probably CRAW, it is a versatile stitch and lends itself to being very sculptural. You can create both delicate pieces on its own and also good bases for embellishing.

Do you have a favorite place to buy beads and supplies?

I primarily like to support local businesses, so my preferred supplier in Australia would be Cranberry. They have an amazing range of Miyuki, Matsuno and Toho seed beads as well as Czechs rounds and shapes. Not to mention all those little extras and unusual beads and gems. If I can’t get what I need from there, there are a couple of other places I frequent.

What Neva says about herself

As my friends know, I really don’t like talking about myself.... but if I need to say anything it would be that I am a very passionate person. I love to immerse myself in the task at hand and give it my all. I am a perfectionist, and won’t let things just be unless they are perfect. I love to be at one with nature and find my inspiration comes from my surroundings. I live just out of Sydney Australia, and enjoy escaping to the solitude and serenity of the country. My beading is not just a piece of art but often an insight into me, something I take joy in creating and pride in sharing. 

I am a mother of one amazing young man, and he is now engaged to a wonderful lady who also shares my passion for beads. I love to sit and bead with her, teach her new techniques and watch her soar in her creations. It’s very satisfying for me to know that I can help someone else develop their interest and watch her share what she has learnt from me with others. 

I am and have always been very health conscious, and attentive to what goes in my body. We, my husband and I love to grow our own food produce, and we have quite a lovely and extensive food garden which feeds us both, and sometimes our friends and neighbours’ quite well. I have been writing a cook book for quite a while now, developing my own recipes, and one day I will publish this, if only to leave it as a legacy to my son.

My long term goal for my jewellery journey would probably be to buy a small disused Church/Chapel and convert it into a gallery, to display and sell not only my work but also that of other aspiring artisans.


  1. Hi Neva, I'm so excited to work with you! I love your work! This is such an exciting lineup for the Mavens! Woohoo! :D

    1. As excited as I am to be working with you Valorie. And a big thank you :)

  2. Great to meet Neva. I'm looking forward to her contributions to the Mavens.

  3. Love seeing the Aussie contingent making an impact. Your work is beautiful Nina - very exciting times!

    1. Thank you Caron. Yes there are quite a number of talented Aussies. I will do my best to be a good representation of them all.

  4. Hi Neva , I am so excited to meet you and the others . To have so many well known Beaders in one place is wonderful.The knowledge you all share is inspiring.Thanks Mikki for restarting this.

  5. I love meeting new amazing designers!

  6. Well helloooo there Neva on Sunday! Fancy meeting you here! I say Girl, I say girl, great to see. I already have a great friendship with you yet it will be a whole different story working together in the Mavens.
    Welcome aboard, from your demanding, pain in the butt buddy.

    1. Hello my dearest Patrick..... this is just another avenue for you to annoy me right? LOL.... I look forward to sharing this journey with you.... I will hold your hand, as I know you will hold mine.

  7. Hello everyone! WOW I've finally been outed :)

    It is truly an honour to be placed alongside the other amazing Mavens... thanx Mikki.

    I guess now I have to become proficient in blogging and chatting about my work.... LOL.... but seriously, I look forward to sharing my journey with you all, and hope you enjoy the journey with me.

  8. Go Neva! *applause* I am excited for all of you :-)

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    1. Thank you so much anonymous..... :) dont you want to share who you are also?