Friday, November 22, 2013

Creating a Bezel with RAW & Peyote ~ Mikki

An early work  from 2010 when I was just starting beadweaving
By far the most common component in beading seems to be a 'bezelled' something or other, it can be a simple pendant, part of a larger necklace or bracelet or be a feature of earrings and rings.  It's a 'must-have' technique in any beader's arsenal.

There are many ways to create a bezel but this is my tried and true version.
You can get a downloadable copy here.

Tips on Bezels

· When working on smaller stones omit the overlap. The larger stones need a little give as the peyote rows ‘snug’ the bezel around the stone.
· With smaller stones work less rows of one row in B beads and one row in C beads.
· If the bezel is too loose add another row of C beads to each side.
· For thin stones or flat back stones you may need to omit the peyote row of A beads. 

My polymer butterfly wings had holes to anchor the bezel where the wings dipped in.

Formula for Circular bezels

When working with circular stones there is a formula for working out how many RAW stitches you will need.  You will need to know the diameter of the stone.

Diameter of stone x 2.5  divided by 2 = number of RAW stitches

This means for a 12mm stone:
12 x 2.5 = 30  30 divided by 2 = 15 So you will need 15 stitches.

This means for a 14mm stone:
14 x 2.5 = 35  Round up to 36.   36 divided by 2 = 18 So you will need 18 stitches.

This means for an 18mm stone:
18 x 2.5 = 45  Round up to 46.  46 divided by 2 = 23 So you will need 23 stitches.

NOTE: If you are embellishing the edge of the bezel it’s easier to work with
an even number of stitches so you would round up to 16 stitches
for a 12mm and 24 stitches for an 18mm.


  1. Great article Mikki.... this is going to be an asset to anyone wanting to delve into bezelling

  2. Thank you for sharing this! Also the butterfly is gorgeous!

  3. Love this. I've never tried to bezel anything but now I must. So this is the perfect post to get me started. Thanks, Mikki!

  4. Thank you so much! I have a irrational fear of bezeling! This looks friendly!