Friday, April 11, 2014

What a Difference a Bead Makes. Part Two

The second part of my exploration of the newer way I can cover them all....they are coming out too!  But here we go for

The 2-Hole Beads

The Rulla

A cylinder shaped bead with holes at either end.
Great use of them here in Akke Jonkhof's Rulla Lace.

The Brick

Similar to a rulla but squared off to be like a...yep, you guessed it...a brick. I paired them with super-duos for my Pickets cuff.

The Triangle

Obvious enough the Triangle has two holes on one side.
Patrick cleverly used them in this gorgeous new design.....can you see them spiking up between the daggers?
This is a great example of designing with 2-holed beads as he uses super-duos, triangles and those are 2 holed daggers.

The 2- Holed Lentil

Just like a regular lentil but with a second hole on the opposite side

I used them as connector beads in my Lothlorien necklace.

The Bead Stud

"Walk like an Egyptian"....yes....Bead Studs look like squat little pyramids. 

Heather used them wonderfully here in here Relic Pendant.

The SuperDuo (or Twin)

An oval bead, chubby in the middle with a hole at each end.
Used spectacularly by Akke Jonkhof in her O-Mosaic bracelet.  This has to be one of my favorite designs right now...simple elegance.

The Tila

Yes....a tile :)
A thin square tile with holes on two sides.

A lovely sparkly version here by new Maven Cristie Sawyer Prince

The Half-Tila

Like the name it's half a Tila bead.
Shown here in the most amazing beaded bead by Cindy Holsclaw. 
"Half Tila Technocluster"

The Piggy

A tiny bowl bead with two holes that make it look like a pig's nose....hence the name.
My favorite use of these is the "Aurora Pendant" by Ella Des.

The 2 Hole Dagger

Like a regular dagger but with a second hole just below the regular one....makes for a much more stable dagger in you designs.

Another stunning blossom using 2-hole daggers by Patrick.

This is by no means a full palette of all the new beads but hopefully it gives you some info on just what beads are out there and how you can use them.  Blink and there will be a dozen this is to be continued :)

Once again....thanks to all the designers who allowed me to show their designs as examples and to Lisa Kan for the bead pics.
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  1. i really appreciate this Mikki. They come out SO fast and its hard to see what you would like to use $$ permitting. One thing though, and I'm sure you know this, Super Duo and Twins may look alike, but are definitely not the same beads. Slightly different shape and Twins not uniform in size where the SDs are pressed glass and mostly uniform.

    1. Oh boy do I know that about Twins. I really wasn't even going to mention them. They are interchangeable with Duos in most designs which is why I put the name in parenthesis. A LOT has been written about the differences and this wasn't the time to rehash all that. Would love to know who you are....we won't bite if you come out from behind the anonymous's empowering to own your words :)