Friday, June 27, 2014

Something A Little Bit Different From Mikki

When you go to the Bead & Button show you just have to take some of your work for show and tell. This year along with my latest designs I took a piece that was a bit different, something I made when I first started beading and it's not all beads.

My Kanzashi Purse was made as I was discovering bead weaving and has some of the first things I to bezel a rivoli, a cellini spiral and probably my first ever beaded bead.

Well my little purse got a lot of attention and people asked me about the fabric technique. Kanzashi is basically fabric origami and was used (though stuck with rice glue not stitched) for Geisha head least that's what my research told me.   So I thought I would share the technique I developed so you can add it to your glossary of techniques and maybe use it in your designs.


  1. Thank you Mikki. This is indeed a special purse!

  2. Very generous of you! For such a long time, I wanted to make a beaded purse/handbag, and that's definetely one good source of inspiration for me. Thank you!

  3. Wonderful purse Mikki .. I hope you bring it again to the 2015 B&B. I'd love to see the purse.