Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tick Tock!

Gosh, the countdown to being back is really on!
It's quite exciting to think we're almost there.
I have to say I'm really looking forward to introducing the first round of designers, one who was the kick I needed to bring the Mavens back.

I had been asked many times to do so but receiving an e-mail from someone who said it was her dream to be a Bead Maven really got to me.  I like the idea of fulfilling someone's dreams and I was thrilled to find out that this designer was exactly what I had in mind if I did bring the Mavens back.
She's first up on the introduction list and you'll get to meet her on Sunday, she's very nervous...lol! I keep telling her she will get a warm welcome so I hope you all prove me right :)

Watch this space on Thursday as I'll be posting a free tutorial.
If you know my work you know I like to create my own clasps using snaps and I'll be sharing one of my snap designs, Daisy Snaps.
I'm also making it easier for you to find the free tutorials, all tutorials are now tagged as such so you just have to look on the left side bar and click on tutorials to get to them all.  I'll also be adding links so you can easily download them.
All I ask is that you credit the designer if you create from the tutorials and don't teach from them....most designers also teach so you're taking away their income when you teach their designs.

Cheers, Mikki


  1. I am so excited to see that the Bead Mavens are back! You, and all the designers, are such inspirations! I love finding new designers, and new patterns to challenge my skills!

  2. Im a new follower, can't wait to see whats in store ;)

  3. Welcome Erika...I hope we'll bring you things of interest :)