Saturday, August 3, 2013

Guess Who!!!

I thought today I'd give you a chance to guess the identities of the new Mavens before I start introducing them here are some little snippets of their designs.
And what's a game without a prize?
So there will be another $25 tutorial gift certificate to my store for the person who gets them all correct or comes the closest. In the event more than one person gets them all correct I'll do a drawing for the prize :)

You've only got today to guess...introductions start tomorrow :)

Number One

Number Two

Number Three

Number Four

Number Five

Number Six

I was going to announce a winner today for questions to the new Mavens but as there haven't been many I'm going to carry this forward until you have met them all....makes sense that you will want to ask them particular questions.
So keep commenting and coming up with things you'd like to know and I'll announce a winner next Saturday after you've met them all.


  1. wow...I have no idea. But they are all so beautiful <3

  2. We are still looking for a correct guess....and no cheating! Cheaters will be disqualified....gotta play fair.

  3. I've looked at the six a few times and just can't tell who created the beadwork! Maybe Ella Des is #1? Now I'm anxious to find out who created the beadwork, and to see more photos! (And of course, I'm wondering what Cherry said in her reply to cause deletion.)

  4. I had left first names on some of the pictures and if you inspected the elements you could find out but that is cheating. I've changed that now....I just thought people would play fair :(

  5. Oh this is a tough one two three four five six. I will have to think about it for a while.

  6. Aurelio Castano is Number one ...I hope

  7. Patrick Duggan is Number three ...hopefully

    1. i think patrick dugan is 4 : cristal mirrors

  8. Jill Wiseman for number four? may this be right

  9. I have no idea as to their names (unfortunately) but I love #'s 5 and 6!

  10. I have no idea either, but when you say who they are, I will lol, all the work is stunning, and Mikki, not fair, over here in Tassy we cant meet them, your a tease :) lol

  11. Hehehehhee....well you'll get to know them and I know you know some of them already. First intro is should guess might be lucky :)

  12. Looking forward to the morning when the first reveal takes place. I look at the swatches and just drool while my brain goes into admiration mode. Thinking about "who done it" is beyond my brain. Look forward to advice from from all these amazing artists!

  13. Oh I think Good Quill Hunting is one of them. I can not cheat though because I see that Valerie and Patrick have already been announced!

  14. You can still guess the remaining Mavens.....because so far the most anyone has correct is one!