Friday, January 10, 2014

Back to Basics : Square Stitch

For those of you who work on a loom you will be very familiar with the look of square stitch and for anyone in love with a loom pattern but beads off loom this is the stitch you need to know.  
A wonderfully easy stitch with no complex turns you definitely need this one in your repertoire of bead stitches.

Square Stitch


  1. Very first bead stitch I learned. Taught it to myself after transitioning from 25+ years of cross stitch. That just led to more bead weaving and my total obsession.

  2. Absolutely love square stitch, but have trouble increasing. Decreasing is easy..

  3. Awesome series; I've not really used this stitch, but may very well as I have loomwork patterns I really like...but I HATE loomwork and all the tying off! Thanks again!